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May 27, 2012

Teach Me, Garage Sale Masters

Last weekend was our neighborhood garage sale. I always here about all these great baby/kids deals that people get at garage sales, so Morgan and I headed out for some great deals.

While we did manage a new baby slide and toy, the rest of the hour and a half long trip was a total bust. There was nothing but books, junky CDs, and super old adult clothes.

Also, holy intense garage sale people! One lady was rushing between them so quickly, that she didn't want to stop at a stop sign as Morgan, Henry, and I were crossing the street. She almost hit us! I gave her a few comments, a nasty look, and some aggressive body language - but kept it civil -- no swearing, no middle fingers -- I'm with my kid after all.

But this lady was so pissed off that she circled the block, found us at the next garage sale, honked her horn, and flicked us off. Um....yikes.

So, this whole experience has left me thinking, what's the secret to garage sales? How do I find good ones? How do I avoid nutzo people, or is that part of the fun?

Someone teach me. I want in on the deals.

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Jennifer @ Polliwog in a Blog
I agree. I want in on the deals too, but you have to get up early to get the good deals I think and I am just not into that on the weekends :) And *boo hiss* to that crazy lady!
Steph @ The Kat Almanac
I find that you can grab just as good of a deal on Craigslist or consignment stores so I don't bother with garage sales. And this is coming from a lady who dies a little inside when I have to pay retail. For anything! I also have good luck with Freecycle. I scored $500+ of free stuff from a lady who was getting rid of all her baby stuff before AJ was born!