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March 15, 2012


Ever since Henry was a newborn, I have been determined to record the good (I swear a post on this is coming), the bad, and the ugly. 

These are the "ugly" moments. Those times when I could just rip out my hair. The total fits, meltdowns, and tantrums.

I have no doubt in my mind Henry has spent more of his awake time over this past year screaming than doing any other activity. Three  months of colic/reflux/whatever it was plus a crabby/stubborn/determined personality ensures that. Honestly, these pictures perfectly sum up how I often think of him from his early days. 

Anyone else find it funny how similar Henry's meltdown face from his newborn days (lower left corner) is to his current meltdown face (upper right corner)? No? Just me then...

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Ha! Jocey's the same way! The only time she looks like her newborn pictures is when she's bawling. Funny. Looking forward to Sunday!