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January 16, 2012

Lets Play a Game. If you Had...

Lets have some fun this morning! If you had $___ what would you buy?

One rule, you have to spend the money.

I'll start.

If you had:

$1: Wendy's Crispy Chicken Sandwich

$10: A new pair of Forever 21 sunglasses. Henry destroyed my last pair, so cheap and cute are my number one priorities.

$100: A really nice pair of good fitting jeans.

$1,000: A Canon DSLR camera. I haven't done enough research to pick a specific model.

$100,000: A vacation for all my family and friends. Maybe a cruise. Maybe not (considering recent events).

$1,000,000: A house, specifically something like this! But not that neighborhood.

Now its your turn! Leave your answers in the comments, or if you have a blog write your own post and link it back here!

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visualdirt said…
$1: pork and chive dumplings! venessa, china town nyc

$10: dime bag :)

$100: new pair of nike SB

$1,000: weekend in mammoth Lakes

$100,000: rent for a year and every supper model on the market for my book

$1,000,000: 1/3 family and friends, 1/3 investments, 1/3 self discovery
Anonymous said…
$1-a Cherry Coke. It's been forever.

$10-a bottle of wine

$100-a large photo collage and floating shelves

$1,000-wait, you mean I can't pay off debt? if that's the case, I think a long weekend away in Duluth/Two Harbors sounds amazing

$100,000-uff da! Definitely to either buy a large plot of land or buy a starter home that's a bit of a fixer upper.

$1,000,000-new cars, new house on lots of land and since we have to spend it, I'd host yummy dinners for fam/friends and have a maid to clean every week.