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Shifting Expectations

Back when I was pregnant with Henry, I bought this little blue construction themed pajama set from Gap. I brought it home and Morgan and I just laughed and laughed at it. It just looked so big. Like a little boy should be wearing it. A little boy who we imagined running up and down the hallway chasing Lexi and Nettie. He would be screaming in delight and chattering away about not wanting to go to bed. Or needing just one more glass of water, or wanting another book.

The image made us so happy. So thrilled for the future with our son. Thinking about that little boy, I packed away the set in our "big kids clothes" bin under the crib. Well yesterday, I pulled the bin out to add some new clothes, and what do I find...the pajama set.

But it looks so different now. It's no longer is this huge "kid" outfit. Its actually looking...dare I say...tiny! And its no longer this awesome set. Its thin, doesn't have feet, and is totally impractical for winter. But, we rushed to try it on Henry. Thankfully it still fits, but won't for much longer. The outfit that represented our future, is here!


Our expectations were clearly way way off. Hen can't even walk alone, let alone run. And he certainly can't talk. That's the funny thing I've noticed about parenthood. Every thing you thought you knew, like you were so certain of, changes the instant that little baby is born. Things that you thought would be awesome, the cute pajama set...the growing up, are suddenly just not that great.

Of course we still have that dream of the little boy running around, but now I both love and hate the thought of it. I want my tiny baby forever. But I also can't wait to see who he will become; I just really expected his "growing up" to be a lot further into the future than it really has been.

Although the reality of parenthood is a lot different from what I was expecting it to be, I have to say, the realty beats the hell out of anything I thought parenthood would be.


I too have been buying things in bigger sizes since I was pregnant. It is funny how off my thought on sizes and what is practical was. Oops :) Adorable PJs though!

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