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November 17, 2011

8 Months Old!

Another month closer to 1 year old. Time sure is flying.

Hen loves eating out of his mesh feeder.

This month Henry has been doing awesome! Since starting his new medication, Henry has been much happier and sleeping much better. Not great, but better. We are getting more and more 3-4 hour stretches of sleep and have gotten a couple 5+ hour stretches! This is a major improvement.

Playing in a giant box!
Being silly with Daddy, wearing a pair of pants on his head.
For one brief moment he liked the leaves, he started bawling shortly after this.
Looking like a little boy, instead of a baby.

Henry is just such a funny little baby. He's very happy when he's happy, but he can turn quickly on you. He lights up when Morgan comes home! Smiles from ear to ear, laughs. But Henry is also very shy. He will nuzzle into anything to hide his face when he meets someone new. One day, he actually got "shy" while in Target when we were checking a couple talking toys. Haha. To hide his face from the Elmo doll, he slammed his head right into the handle on the cart. He got a nice bruise from that one. He's just a wonderful little boy.

Still loves the dogs.
...and the dog toys.
We had to get creative to get Henry to eat.
This month, Henry has become even more mobile. He can now walk behind a little moving car walker. He crawls with his belly off the floor all of the time and has gotten really quick at it. He pulls up on everything, walks around them, and will move from one object to another. Henry also can stand alone for quite a long time, but only when he is standing next to something. As soon as he realizes that he is not holding onto something he falls down. Its totally a mental thing. He has also started climbing...I'm in so much trouble.

He loves his pack n' play.
He smashes his face against the mesh and makes the funniest faces.
This month, Hen has also started eating 3 meals a day. His interest in purees is way way down for some reason. He does really like regular table food, which we have started giving him, and he loves puffs. This month Henry also started clapping, signing "more" and "all done."

This is how he likes to watch TV now.
He loves books.

I have a feeling that Henry will be walking by my next update. But I'm so excited to start all the holiday fun and sharing the joy of the season!


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