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October 20, 2011

The Rise of Lexi

Normally, my posts about the dogs involve a picture of them dressed up for some holiday and that's about it, but not today. There is real doggy drama around here. Nettie and Lexi are, excuse the pun, fighting like cats and dogs.

It all started about a week ago while Lexi was playing with Henry. Hen had a dog toy which he would hand to Lexi. Lexi would take the toy, shake it around, then give it back to Hen. It was a cute little game, that was keeping each of them very entertained. Well, Nettie decided to get in on the action. She walked up to Lexi and gave her a playful nip in the back (which she does often to get Lexi's attention which usually leads to play). Lexi was not amused.

Lexi full on attacked Nettie! There was face biting, growling, and finally scared little yips from Nettie. Morgan and I were sitting right there, so we broke things up quickly, but Nettie actually walked away pretty shook up. Things haven't been the same between them since.

Yes, you are reading this right. Fearful, timid, shy, sweet little Lexi asserted herself and won. Dominant, aggressive, fearless Nettie was put in her place. I mean come on...Nettie is the dog that walked up to a German Shepard and bit it right on the face, and walked away unharmed. Her confidence is astounding. Lexi can't walk past the highchair or a manhole without shaking in fear. And SHE defeated Nettie?

Since the fight we have had several other incidences between them. Their play has become more aggressive. They have fought over food. Nettie seems determined to put things back the way they were; Lexi seems to be standing her ground. Basically, tensions are high.

Part of me is really happy Lexi finally asserted herself. Nettie could be downright mean to her. Makes me one proud Mama, like she is coming into her own. But I hate that they are fighting. It makes me nervous. Like I have to constantly watch them, so no one gets hurt. I especially don't want Henry to get in the middle of it, so that he becomes threatening to Nettie.

So what should we do? Ignore them? Punish aggression? Sell them?

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