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October 24, 2011

Henry meets a puppy!

My Mom and Dad bravely decided to get a puppy! Meet Sophie! She is adorable, and cuddly, and wild, and tiny, and everything you would expect from an 8 week old puppy. Henry met her for the first time yesterday.

Sophie - an 8 week old Cocker Spaniel

At first Henry completely ignored Sophie, he was more interested in the new toy Grandma had brought for him. As the afternoon went on Henry got interested in Sophie. But Sophie was wild and was nipping at Henry, so his interest quickly turned to being annoyed, and then afraid. I thought he would be a little more interested than he was, but I don't blame him for being scared. Sophie's teeth were really sharp, and who would like to get bit in the ear, hands, and feet?
Hanging out with Grandma.
Looks like Henry is petting Sophie. Really she is biting his pants.

I think Henry will learn to love her as they both get older. She will be an awesome friend to play with at Grandma and Opa's.

I will say quickly that the dogs were much more interested in Sophie. Although they had opposite reactions. One of the few things Nettie truly loves, outside herself, is puppies. Seriously she loves all puppies. Nettie actually spent the first hour Sophie was here following her around, like she was the puppy. Poor Sophie was scared out of her mind. Lexi was pissed! She went right to her bed and sat there and sulked; Bentley (one of my parents other dogs) joined her. Lexi was so mad she wouldn't even let me pet her. I guess we wont be getting a puppy anytime soon...

Poor Sophie trying to get away from Nettie.
The grumpy dogs.

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