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December 02, 2010

There's something missing...

Final exams! Wow, it feels really strange not to be super stressed out at this time of year. Nicole and I literally had the same feeling on December 1st: I should be stressed out right now. I had a moment of panic the other morning at work because I haven't been studying at all, for anything. I snapped out of it. But I have always had some sort of school during this time of year. The last three years being the worst of them all. I feel terrible for everyone I know studying for exams right now. We drove past the Mitchell library the other day, and saw that the library was packed out with people studying. Finals in law school was the worst, only because so much pressure is put on them because in most classes 100% of your grade depends on the final exam. At least in undergrad, there were assignments, quizzes and participation points during the semester, so the final exam wasn't such a huge deal. In any event, the only thing worse than final exams was studying for the bar because studying for the bar was like going through final exams for 12 weeks straight. I think my bar exam nightmares have stopped, which is good because I still have boot camp nightmares to this day. Nicole and I are looking forward to a relaxing Christmas season. This weekend we're going to get our Christmas tree and decorate the house. And we're definitely going to check out the Rice Park Winter Wonderland ( We also decided that we won't be exchanging gifts this year; rather (because of a certain Baby Henry coming soon), we're going to get a new, nice camera ( We think the Canon Powershot S95 is a good option because its highly rated in all the consumer reports, and its a nice balance between the SLR and a pocket digital camera. So, since its fairly expensive, it just makes sense to get that as our gift.

Best of luck to all those taking exams!

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