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December 06, 2010

Christmas Tree!

Our Tree!
I love Christmas time! Its even better when we don't have finals to worry about (see Morgan's last post). One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the tree. Morgan and I put up our third tree together this weekend, and I think its our best one yet! Every year we have gone to the parking lot of an Ace Hardware to pick it out. The trees there are all bound up, so you kinda have to just guess which tree will work best. Thankfully we have been really lucky and picked great trees. Better yet, they always last and are really cheap!

Morgan and I decided last year that we had to start making our own holiday traditions that we could pass along to our children as our family grew. The first one we "created" was drinking a sugar-Coke (the Coke is made with real sugar and not corn syrup - they are hard to find but are totally worth it) while decorating the Christmas tree. So this year I can proudly say we continued our tradition, and enjoyed a sugar-Coke while we decorated. I only had a couple sips this year, since I still have some weird pregnancy aversion to Coke, but yay for traditions! 
A little blurry - thanks to my terrible camera. Hopefully the camera will be out of my life before the tree - see Morgan's last post.
I think the tree looks great this year, partly because we finally have a decent amount of ornaments to decorate with. Its always fun going through them and remembering where/when we got them. Many of them are from my childhood, or have been given to us over the last several years. But my absolute favorite part of the tree is the smell! The living room just smells so wonderful - it makes me never want to leave the house.

This was our 2008 tree - big difference from this year. Although Nettie still loves to sit under the tree!

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