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September 30, 2009

Moving Part 1

As Morgan and I get closer to graduation we have to consider where we would like to end up living. A lot of this decision depends on where we both are able to find a job, but we do have some say as to where we apply. Our main debate is whether we want to try and stay in the city, move to the suburbs, or move to greater Minnesota (think Rochester, Mankato, etc.). I honestly cant imagine living anywhere other than the city, but I'm coming around to the idea of living in one of the inner-suburbs.

There are just so many things that I really love about living in the city. One, is the great restaurants! I love the fact that I can get any type of food I want, at almost any time. I can't imagine living somewhere I didn't have that. Second, I love the culture. We can go to a professional sporting event one night, a museum the next day, and great shopping the next.

Finally, my favorite thing about living in the city is that it is never boring. Every day I see something interesting and usually something immensely entertaining. Some of the best things I've seen include:
  1. Watching a grown man walk a monkey in a public park. This wasn't a little monkey - it was up to his shoulders and walking on two feet!
  2. A women dancing in a gas-station parking lot with a parrot!
  3. A man using a metal detector to scan a playground.
  4. A giant two year old - this kid comes up to my shoulders. Its crazy.
  5. A WOLF (not in a zoo). For real. Scary.
Well those are my best arguments for the city; of course there are cons, but I'm biased and I'm going to ignore them. haha (its my blog post so I'm allowed to ignore what I want). I'll keep you guys updated on our decision-making progress - thankfully we have a couple months before we really have to decide.

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