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September 22, 2009

Attention Metro Transit Riders!

Dear Metro Transit Readers (or any mass transit user):

I have noticed recently that everyone could use an update on the "rules" of riding the bus. Clearly I'm the authority since, at 24 years old, I've never had a drivers license and ride the bus more than the average user. Here are some rules that everyone should keep in mind while riding the bus:
  1. Use the back door! It exists for a reason. No one (especially me) wants to wait while you slowly move past the back door to make your way to the front. There is nothing special about the front door.
  2. Being fat is not a disability. Don't waste everyone's time by requiring the bus driver to put down the ramp. Walk down the two stairs, it wont kill you (although, the McDonald's in your hand might).
  3. Have your transit card ready when getting on the bus. Everyone on the bus knows you just spent 8 + min waiting for the bus to come, so use that time wisely and take the damn cash out of your wallet. Better yet, go get a Go-To Card so we never have to wait for you.
Bottom line, I don't want to wait for you, I have better things to do then sit on the bus (and maybe you do too). Be considerate and everyone will be happier. OK. Thanks.


Rant over - I'm sure this will solve all my metro transit problems ;-)

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Anonymous said…
Ahhh nothing like reading your post right before bed:) I love it! You and Morgan were meant to be- it sounds like something he would write- AKL