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May 05, 2009

Typical Finals Time Day Schedule

8:00: Wake Up; First serving of caffeine
10:30: Arrive at WMCL; Aggressively search out study space
10:45: Study; Second serving of caffeine
1:30: Eat lunch while studying; Third serving of caffeine
3:30: Fourth serving of caffeine
6:00: Study group
8:00: Leave school for dinner
9:00: Another hour of studying
10:00: TV
10:30: Bed

This is just a typical day. Some days are worse, some are better. Sleep is the most important part about doing well on finals, I would never ever skimp on sleep to try to get ahead. Caffeine is also important - although I'm already not looking forward to the week after finals when I have to force myself off that caffeine and suffer through the withdrawal.

9 days to go - focused on my goal:

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