Hi! I'm Nicole, wife to Morgan, mother to 3, and Montessori enthusiast! I started this blog way back in 2009 as a way to keep up with family and friends. It eventually morphed into sharing some toddler friendly activities as we raised our first son, Henry.

The longer we parented, the longer we searched for something that was lacking in our lives. We found the answer in Montessori. Over the years, the Montessori method has become a central tenant in our family life. It started out as a way for us to organize our toddler's activities and has now permeated every aspect of our parenting and lives.

I'm blessed to be mom to Henry, born in March of 2011. After tot schooling, and some Montessori-inspired homeschooling, Henry attends a local public Montessori school. He is currently in a Children's House but will hopefully continue his Montessori education at least through elementary school.

In June of 2014, after dealing with recurrent pregnancy loss, our rainbow baby Nora was born. Unlike Henry, Nora has been Montessori from birth. We have purposefully avoided many mainstream early education techniques and products in favor of a Montessori approach. Finally, in November of 2016, Augustus was born. He too has been Montessori from birth. You can follow his development, in my weekly Montessori Baby Series.

Today, I write about our Montessori journey and the Montessori method on The Kavanaugh Report. These posts are glimpses into how we purposefully live and strive to create the best life possible for ourselves and our children. 

In addition to writing here, you can also find me on Instagram {pretty much hourly} and on Facebook. I am also the co-admin of the Facebook group Montessori 101, a wonderful resource for anyone interested in Montessori -- no matter where they are on their journey. And, I'm the Admin for the Facebook group Montessori in Minnesota. Thank you for following us here! 

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Updated May 2017

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