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Toddler Bead Threading

At 22 months, Gus is super into threading beads. It’s one of the first works he gravitates toward each day. At any given time he can be found stringing his beads over and over again. And he’s constantly asking for “more, more” to thread. 

I love bead threading for a few different reasons. One, it’s amazingly flexible. It’s a work that can stick with your children for a long time with just a few changes. Two, it’s a great precursor to a lot of practical sewing work. Three, it’s just great fine motor work that increases concentration and focus. 
Bead threading can look a lot of different ways but you essentially need two things - beads and something to thread. You have options in either case! 

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Beads: Here you can start with larger beads or even rings with larger holes and eventually move your way to smaller beads. A possible progression could look like this: 
Rings Large beads Smaller beads Cut straw Pony beads Small glass beads
Over time…

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