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Montessori Friendly Play -- A Visual Timeline 0-3 Months

There are so many amazing Montessori baby toys and play ideas out there. With so many choices, and a brand new baby, it can be difficult to decide when to introduce what. So, I thought I would create a visual timeline for Montessori friendly play for the first year of life! This is the first post in a series of posts, broken up in 3 month sections. Below the timeline are some resources to learn more about each of these materials. 
Now, this is just one possible way to introduce Montessori materials to your baby. You do not need everything on this list, and your baby might not enjoy everything on these lists at the exact time listed. These are approximate and will change slightly based on each individual child! Use this as a guide and not a strict schedule! 
This is also not meant to include EVERYTHING a baby could use at this time. It gives you a general idea of the types of things a baby might enjoy at this time, but not necessarily a comprehensive list of everything available. 

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