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Welcome to the World of Montessori Online Conference

Welcome to the World of Montessori - join us for a free online Montessori conference January 5, 6, 7th 2018!

Join us for a FREE online Montessori Conference January 5, 6, and 7th 2018! 

Welcome to the World of Montessori! There is so much to discover when you are first learning about Montessori that it can seem completely overwhelming. In Montessori 101, the Facebook group that I co-admin with some amazing Montessorians, we strive to help everyone understand the beauty of the Montessori method, no matter where they are in their journey. 

Still, it can be hard to really learn Montessori basics in such a dynamic, fast paced environment. Also, the internet is so overrun with Montessori and Montessori inspired ideas that it can be difficult to get to the bottom of what Montessori really is all about.


On January 5th we will open up our first ever FREE Montessori conference. For 3 days we will talk  Montessori basics including about the history of Montessori, how Montessori works in schools and how Montessori looks and feels at home. The conference will take place in a closed Facebook group, include live videos and engaging discussions, and some extra resources for you to explore on your own! 

Come join us and discover everything Montessori has to offer! 

About Your Hosts 

Aubrey Hargis

Aubrey Hargis is the founder and executive director of The Child Development Institute of the Redwoods and the creator of the Montessori 101 group on Facebook. Through CDIR, she offers coaching and consultations to parents and teachers who are looking for gentle parenting techniques and effective teaching strategies. As an educator and child development researcher, she has taught children aged from toddlers through elementary school in both the public and private school sector and holds both an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and an American Montessori Society certificate in Lower Elementary. The coastal cliffs and the redwood trails in the San Francisco Bay area beckon her almost every weekend for another family adventure

Amy Dorsch 

Amy Dorsch is the creator and writer behind She has written personally for years at Midwest Montessori on Tumblr as well as Instagram, sharing her own family’s Montessori journey. Now with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary education and Montessori primary teacher certification, she hopes to share her passion for Montessori with parents online through her educational website, online parenting courses, and one-on-one parent consulting. Amy is currently preparing to enter the world of teaching, as well as graduate studies in Montessori education. Amy’s goal online is to help parents give their children the gift of a Montessori childhood - a gift for life.

Nicole Kavanaugh

Nicole is the writer and creator of The Kavanaugh Report, which documents her family's Montessori home, and educates parents on how to incorporate Montessori into their lives. Nicole holds a B.A. in History and a Juris Doctor (J.D.). She has been studying Montessori philosophy for the past six years. As an admin of Montessori 101, Nicole strives to help parents incorporate Montessori at home, no matter where they are in their Montessori journey. Nicole lives in Minnesota with her husband, three children, and two dogs.

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