Shelf Help Podcast

Being a Montessori parent is amazing. But, that doesn't mean it isn't hard. We're here to help, because we can all use a little Shelf Help.

There are so many different parenting approaches available today that it can be hard to recognize your own voice and style among the options. If you're parenting with Montessori, you aren't alone. We're here to chat about all the everyday realities of Montessori parenting. Join Nicole and co-host Amy for real life conversations about using Montessori at home. 

Let's Be Montessori Parents Together

Season 1 is here! Look for new episodes on Mondays.  

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Meet the Host

Hi! I'm Nicole Kavanaugh, Montessori mom to 4. You can find me here on The Kavanaugh Report, on Instagram, and on Shelf Help! 

Over the last 8 years, Montessori has been the backbone of my family life. We have used Montessori principles to guide our home and our parenting. I love talking with and helping parents use Montessori in practical ways to bring the joy into their lives through the resources on this site and through Montessori courses. 

Meet our Co-Host

Hello! I’m Amy Dorsch, Montessori guide and mom of 2. You can find me on Montessori Like a Mother, on Instagram, and on Shelf Help!

Becoming a parent transformed my life, in large part by leading me to Montessori. As my children have grown, I’ve only gone deeper into the philosophy, with its principles guiding my everyday parenting, working with children in Montessori classrooms, and working with parents to bring these same principles into their homes.