Prime Day 2021

This page will be used to share Montessori friendly Amazon Prime Day Deals and Specials during the sale. The sale runs from June 21 through June 22. In order to take advantage of the deals, you must be an Amazon prime member. Thankfully, Amazon offers a 30 day free trial for new members - you can sign up here. I will also include deals form other stores that run sales during that same time.

Montessori friendly deals on toys, games, and other household materials on 2021 Amazon Prime day sale. Will include other stores' deals those days.
This page contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

The actual deals are announced closer to the sale. They are either lightning deals, sales, or daily deals. Lightning deals are limited in quantity and time. Once they sell out, the deal is over, or the deal ends after a few hours. So act quickly because these don't stick around. I will post all lightning deals in CST (same time zone as Chicago). 

Sales and Daily Deals typically last for the entire day. Sales may be more than one day, but we don't really know as consumers.


Tuesday Deals (more listed in visual list above)

Kinetic Beach Sand - Kavanaugh Family Favorite

Tickit Metal Sensory Balls - Kavanaugh Family Favorite 


Selected books are buy 1 get one 50% including:

Monday Deals (many deals still active)

Daily Deals Toys

Green Toys Wagon - Kavanaugh family favorite!

Winkle Baby Toy - kavanaugh family favorite 

Schleich Wild Animals set! - Major Kavanaugh Family Favorite
Terra Barn - Major Kavanauagh family favorite

Snap Circuits - Kavanaugh family favorite

Sarah's Silks Play Silks - Kavanaugh Family Favorite
Carcassonne Game - Kavanaugh Family Favorite

TickIt Light Table  - Kavanaugh Family Favorite

Dr. Eureka Game - kavanaugh Family favorite
Swish Card Game - Kavanaugh family favorite
Outfoxed Game - Kavanaugh Family Favorite

Arts and Crafts

Spirograph Jr. - Kavanaugh Family Favorite

Traditional Montessori Materials


Infant Toddler

Push Ball Box - Kavanaugh Family Favorite


Practical Life



Practical Life 


Musical Instruments


Target Deals


Furniture/practical life