Montessori Friendly Prime Day Deals

As many of you know it's Prime Day - a giant sale in the middle of the summer! Lucky for us there are many Montessori and Montessori friendly products on sale across the internet for Montessori families to take advantage of! Here are some deals that you might be interested in! 

I will update this post as I find deals today! This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 


Plan Toys Baby Roller
Kwik Sticks Thin
Schleich Horse | Schleich Polar Bear
Space Ball
Ant Farm
Gears Building Kit
Melissa and Doug Wooden Castle
Large Wooden Tray
Apple Peeler and Corer
Large Beverage Dispenser 
Lego Table
Kids French Knitting Doll
Melissa and Doug Ball
Perler Beads
Child Safe Acrylic Mirror
Kwik Sticks
Wooden Rocking Boat
Hape Bike


Neutral Play Mat
Plastic Mirrors
Board Books - Lightning Deal 6:49pm CST

Montessori Friendly Toys

Foam Fraction Circles
Graduated Cylinders
Small Anatomically Correct Baby Girl - Lightning Deal 12:24p CST (I LOVE this doll)
Pattern Blocks
Space Floor Puzzle
Letter Magnets
Large Play Silks
Lacing Beads
Brio Trains
Hape Doll House - Lightning Deal 7:00a CST
Terrarium Kit - 8:05a CST
Egg Pegging Toy - these are super fun, although I wish they were just spheres and not eggs. Lightning deal 8:50a CST
Walkie Talkies - Lightning Deal 10:05a CST
Tegu Blocks - I know these are popular in Montessori circles, but I don't personally love them. But if you do, they are on special
Shape Sorter
Cork Building Blocks
Small Play Silks
Small Balance Board
First Jigsaw puzzle
Hape Marble Run
Farm Floor Puzzle
Wooden Block Set
Galt Marble Run - Lightning Deal 1:45p CST
Crystal Growing - fun for older kids
TARGET: Water Table! I LOVE this one!
Caterpillar Kit - Lightning Deal 3:09p CST
Cube building toys
TARGET: Plan Toys stacking Tree
Hape Cutting Food - Lightning Deal at 6:29p CST
Water Table - Lightning Deal at 7:04p CST
Hape Construction Puzzle
Be Kind Book - Lightning Deal at 7:34p CST

Gross Motor

Foam Climbing System
Balance Beam
Geodome Climber
Large Swing - Lightning Deal 7:55a CST
Balance Bike
Another Balance Bike
Radio Flyer Trike
Radio Flyer Big Wheel
Soccer Ball
TARGET DEAL: Toddler Slide
TARGET DEAL: Trampoline

Musical Instruments 

Kids Xylophone - Lightning Deal 7:54a CST
Chime - popular for classrooms

Practical Life and Household 

Toddler Chairs
Kitchen - (I suggest not for play but real work)
Kids Safety Goggles
Kids Broom Set - Lightning deal 9:14a CST
Learning Tower
Visual Timer
Handheld Spiralizer
Mortar and Pestal - 6:40a CST Lightning Deal
Bento Box
Nap Mat bedding
Rope Basket - Lightning Deal 10:45a CST
Neutral Toilet Seat - Lightning Deal 12:10p CST
Book stand - I love this for our larger books
Picture Hanging Strips
Lovely decorations - I have this one!
Egg Slicer - Lightning Deal starts 9:34a CST
TARGET: Outdoor chair
Child's Mop
Reusable Snack Bags - Lightning Deal at 4:50p CST
Small Tong Set - Lightning Deal at 6:05p CST
Garden Set - Lightning Deal at 6:55p CST
Garden Set - Lightning Deal at 7:44p CST

Art Supplies 

Adjustable Easel
Kids Modeling Clay
Blank Books
Paper Organizer
Alphabet Stamps
Beeswax Crayons
Rings for Book making

Sensory/Special Needs

Inflatable Sensory Seat
Kinetic Sand - Lightning 3:45p CST
Small Children Noise Cancelling Headphones - Lightning Deal 5:10p