Gift List Consultations

Make sure your Gift List is Ready!

How much do you dread the question "what does Child want for ::insert holiday::?" It's so stressful, right? You want to get your child just the right thing but it can be tough to know where to start! What toys should make the list? And, which should you skip? Well, let's talk! That's right, just you and me! 

Whether you need help curating a gift list, review a gift list, or just need a few ideas, I can help. As a Montessori parent, I've spent countless hours reviewing toys and searching for the perfect materials for children of all ages. Hi, I'm Nicole. I have three kids (aged 7, 4, and nearly 2), and I've spent countless hours studying, talking, and learning about Montessori. For years, Montessori has influenced how we parent, how we educate our children, and the types of things that come into our home. I would love to share some specific suggestions and recommendations for you to find the same joy and contentment in a Montessori home. 

In a personal gift list consultation, you'll get to take the lead and we'll talk it through! Each session is just $30.

In each 25 minute session, you'll:

  • ask any toy, book, or material related questions 
  • get specific toy/book/material suggestions based on your individual children and your budget 
  • review your gift list and receive Montessori friendly feedback 

Basically, you have the opportunity to take the lead and decide where you want to spend the time. There are only 30 spots available for personal consultations in November! Reserve your spot today.

Have a Question? Here are some answers! 

Have a question about how this process will work? Here are some answers. If you still have a question, feel free to contact me!

<<<<< What happens once I purchase? >>>>>

You'll receive an email with me with a google form for you to fill out. Here you'll be able to tell me a little more about yourself and your child. This will give me the background information I need to dive right into suggestions during our chat. Then, we'll schedule the chat together, and get to the fun part of talking toys, books, and materials for your child/ren!

<<<<< When will my consultation happen? >>>>>

Once you purchase, your form will allow you share some times that work for you. We'll work together to find a time that works during the month of November or early December. 

<<<<< Where will we chat? >>>>>

We can chat via Instagram messenger or email! You choose what works best for you. 

<<<<< Do I need to be in the United States to participate? >>>>>

You do not have to be in the United States to participate in a consultation. Through my other courses, I’ve worked with parents from across the globe. There’s no time difference that we can’t accommodate. 

<<<<< What if I have parenting questions? >>>>>

While I love to talk about Montessori parenting strategies with parents, these consultations are limited to talking about gifts. Please consider one of my other courses if you have parenting questions!

<<<<< Will my children like the toys you choose? >>>>>

I hope so, but I want to be honest with you - I just can't know for sure. I don't guarantee any outcome.

<<<<< Can I purchase more than one session? >>>>>

Of course! Book as much time as you would like to chat, just know that there are only 30 total spaces available for booking.