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December 07, 2023

Montessori Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Little (By Theme!)

It can be so overwhelming to find meaningful and useful stocking stuffers. It's easy to fill a stocking with trinkets and junk that will be forgotten about or thrown away in a couple days. But, it's harder to think of things that will last awhile and are going to be well loved. 

I wanted to put together a few ideas based on common themes enjoyed by many Montessori kids. You could stick to one theme for your stocking or mix and match based on your child's age and interest. 

Stocking Stuffers For Your Little Montessori Kids

You'll notice that I didn't use any ages here. Some of these are more appropriate for toddlers and some older kids. You know your child best, find the items that suit where they are instead of shopping by purely by age. Many of these are so universal that they would be loved by a wide variety of children. Or use as a jumping off point for planning a stocking of your own! 

For Littles that Mouth

Can't keep little stuff out of their mouths? Here are some mouthing safe choices!

For Little Artists 

If you have a kid that loves to create, try some of these unique but really fun options for creating! 

For Little Musicians 

I can't promise these won't make you feel a little crazy but some fun, smaller musical choices! 

For Little Board Gamers 

Fun ways to play and engage their little minds! 

For Little Tinkerers 

These are the kids that are always working with their hands and little projects. 

For Little Cooks

Kid can't stay out of the kitchen? Here are some fun choices for their stocking!

I hope these ideas were helpful for you in thinking of a few gifts for your child's stocking. In our Montessori home, I usually pick:
  • a couple materials that are related to something my child love
  • a practical item - like new socks 
  • a couple disposable things - like a bath bomb or candy treat 
I find a mix makes it exciting without being too much. 

Find quality stocking stuffers for your little artist, musician, tinkerer and more! Some fun Montessori friendly ideas for birthday, stocking stuffers and anytime!

What other themes would you like to see added to this list?

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