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November 21, 2023

Art in the Preschool Years: Montessori at Home

I love having a four-year-old! They are so sassy, sure of themselves, and fun. They are often past the stage of needing a ton of support in common tasks and are ready for longer and more structured activities. As a Montessori parent, I also know that 4 is still really little, and they need your guidance and often want your help and participation as they conquer the world around them.

There are so many Montessori activities that a 4-year-old might be interested in. At our house, and in school, art is having a moment right now with Teddy. But, it recently struck me how different his art process looks these days compared to the toddler years

Montessori Preschool: Art Activities at Home

Montessori art in the preschool years is so many things! And, it is a joy to watch it all unfold. 

Art in the preschool years is making choices

Art in the preschool years is preparation:
  • How do I need to prepare my body? (Apron)
  • How much paint to do I need? Where do I need to put the paint? (A dollop! On our paint tray)
  • Can I squeeze it by myself? (yes!) 
  • Do I need support through any of this process?

Art in the preschool years is fun: 
  • How will these colors mix? 
  • What patterns can I make? 
  • Can I fill the whole page? 
  • How many pages do I want to use? 

Art in the preschool years is cleaning up
  • Where do I need to put my finished work? (On the counter to dry)
  • What parts need to be washed? 
  • How do I dry everything? 
  • Does my body need cleaning? 
  • Where do I put my apron and the tools? (Back where he found them)

Remember that each part of this is taught over time with specific lessons. How to gather, make choices and clean is all part of the process. These pictures were 30-40 minutes of a process. The process is not just the painting, but the entire thing. And, it is so wonderful to watch art in our Montessori home unfold during the preschool years! 

How does art look for you at 4-years-old? What kinds of art exploration is your Montessori child interested in? 

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