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February 16, 2023

Montessori Friendly Simple Jigsaw Puzzles

I love jigsaw puzzles for my Montessori home for so many reasons. Jigsaw puzzles are great for helping kids develop a child's powers of concentration, visual scanning skills, fine motor control, and for building frustration tolerance. And, jigsaw puzzles are self correcting (usually) and can be used independently by a lot of children. There are so many jigsaw puzzles available that it can be overwhelming to find simple jigsaw puzzles that are Montessori friendly. 

For me, a jigsaw is Montessori friendly for small children when it is self correcting, avoids commercial themes, and is engaging for the child's interests. Now, this might be different for you, and that's ok. Choose and introduce jigsaws that engage your child and watch the magic happen. 

20 Simple Montessori Friendly Jigsaw Puzzles

Collage of 9 simple Montessori friendly jigsaw puzzles on various themes including farm, trucks, and children

As, Teddy becomes more and more interested in jigsaw puzzles, I've been on the hunt to see if there are any ones that we need to add to our collection! And, there really are so many fun puzzles available. I will say I'm a little disappointed on how hard it is to find simple jigsaw puzzles of just everyday themes - kids playing, life at home, city scenes. So many Montessori friendly options are vehicles or animal focused. 

  1. Carousel: (24p) I love that this was a different scene featuring actual children. I don't love that it's double sided, I think that could make it harder. 
  2. Puzzle pouch: (12p) love the pouch storage and the larger size. Wish the illustrations weren't so cartoonish.
  3. Melissa and Doug Construction Set: (12p) This is Teddy's current favorite. I love the realistic images, that each set is color coded and that it can become harder if you mix all the sets. 
  4. Progressive Construction: (3-8p) Super simple for beginners, the unique shape gets kids focusing on matching the images instead of just the straight lines of the edge
  5. Ravensburger Farm Scenes: (12p) Ravensburger makes the best puzzles! Beautiful images, high quality. You can't go wrong here. 
  6. Fire Truck: (12p) We have another version of this and it's a great size. Not too small or large. Really high quality and unique shapes and lots of themes.
  7. Construction site: (24p) This is a nice realistic image, love the frame for organizing a larger number. The wooden pieces can sometimes be harder to place. 
  8. Bigjigs Pig: (16p) A nice simple frame puzzle, realistic cartoon. Mixed feels on the wooden pieces.
  9. Mudpuppy Progressive Animals: (4-12p) This is such a simple start and really a nice mix of pieces for a beginner. Would have loved more realistic illustration, but these are sweet. 

    Eleven Montessori friendly and simple jigsaw puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers on a variety of themes

  10. Farm With Texture: (20p) This is unique with the extra textured inlay pieces. A little cartoonish and unrealistic but not bad. 
  11. Fire Rescue: (24p) This brand is typically numbered on the back (I'm not 100% on this puzzle but our others are) which is nice for self correction. I'm torn on such intense themes for younger kids. 
  12. Jungle: (20p) These pieces aren't traditional jigsaw shape which can add a nice challenge and force a little closer examination of the picture. Beautiful illustration. 
  13. Ballerina: (12p) Love the shape of this, and that it's a different theme! 
  14. Wild Animals: (12p) Again, one of the best brands, simple images, and great quality. 
  15. Fire Truck with Dog: (20p) I like that this is rescue without the actual fire. Beautiful illustration.
  16. Progressive Farm: (6-16p) I like that this is a little more challenging of a progressive puzzle but wish the images were a bit more realistic. 
  17. Magnetic Animals: (20p) Love that these could be used for travel and are beautifully illustrated, but really small for a newer jigsaw user. 
  18. Fire Truck Floor: (24p) Super large and fun, but be prepared to have this thing on your floor continuously!
  19. Road Work: (24p) Another Ravensburger but a bit more difficult.
  20. Rainforest: (20p) Larger scale and fun image. Maybe a bit busy for a child that is new to this size. 

A variety of Montessori friendly jigsaw puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers that focus on realistic themes, beautiful images and simple design.

I know that this is not even close to all the options available in this range of size jigsaw puzzles.With so many great options, you just need to balance your child's interests and abilities with theme and function as you choose Montessori Friendly jigsaw puzzle options.


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