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January 11, 2023

Montessori Toddler: Three at 3-Years-Old

Happy New Year! We are slowly getting back to our regular routines here after an extended winter break. But the beautiful thing about development in the first plane of development is that it keeps on going no matter what. Teddy at 3 is just exploding into knowledge, interests, and capabilities. So, I thought I would share three things he loves right now and why I love these choices too! 

Three Activities in Our Montessori Home at Three-Years-Old

Here are three things Teddy is doing most days! 

Memory Games

He loves playing these games. Searching for the matches and gathering all the cards. He especially loves this Truck Matching Game. I love these games because: 
  • Opportunities to practice turn taking
  • Visual scanning 
  • Working memory 

Pet Care

A few months ago we got a new puppy, Juniper, and we got a much larger dog this time. Teddy loves helping with her and it's been so fun watching him take more leadership over her. He has been: 
  • taking her outside and letting her back in
  • getting her water throughout the day
  • remembering and helping to feed her 
I love his interest in Juniper and how many opportunities for practical participation the dog provides. I'm seeing so much increased responsibility, executive functioning and even social skills developing in this new relationship! Plus, he remembers to feed her on time much more than I do! 

Block Play

While lots of kids take an interest in creative block play at a younger age, Teddy really has ignore them up until the last few weeks. It's been incredible to see glimpses into his creative mind as he explores our blocks and builds. 

I love this kind of play because: 
  • spatial planning
  • creativity 
  • sensorial exploration - larger/smaller, visual color arrangements, and even heavy work
What is your 3-year-old into these days? 

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Anonymous said…
Oh wow - what isn't our empowered nearly 3 year old into! She loves cutting - paper and string. Paint crayons have been a blessing for her art easel. The most important work of course is everyday life! Being a helper to baby sister, sous chef to mom, project manager to dad, play partner to big brothers! This is the most challenging stage for mother but leading with love and support from outlets such as you keep us going!