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January 30, 2023

Shelf Help S3 Ep 9 - Honoring the Secret of Your Child

This week on our Montessori parenting podcast...

Parents love their children intensely and that love often leads us to question our children's behavior, intentions, and interests. This week, Nicole and Amy discuss a Montessori quote about probing a child for their "secret." As Montessori parents, we explore some of the secrets that children hold - from babies through elementary years - and how we can approach children in a way that honors the secrets of their development.  

Show Notes...

"Nowadays we are all so scientific, so busy trying to understand the why and wherefore of everything, that without thinking many conscientious parents try to understand their children by questioning them. But this is asking for the child's secret, which he resents. And no good can come of such probing. When a child sees a pretty flower and wants to know its name and color, the wise mother says that the flower is a rose and the color is red. She has given help when it is asked the child is satisfied. When he has absorbed that and wants to know more, he will ask of his own accord. But if the mother asks him, "Why do you want to know the name of the flower?" "Why have you suddenly become interested in color?", the child cannot tell her. He tries and becomes confused. She is trying to probe his secret. Next time he wants to know something he will ask his teacher who doesn't ask him awkward questions in return - that is, if she is one of our teachers."  Maria Montessori, Maria Montessori Speaks to Parents, 21-22


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In this week's Montessori parenting podcast we discuss why Montessori parents shouldn't be questioning their children and what they do instead.

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