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November 11, 2022

Our Kids' Montessori Christmas Lists 2022

The holiday season is already here! I can't believe it, having a baby really does make the year speed by at an incredible pace. This year, in particular, I feel much more unprepared for the holidays than I have in the past. But, I've been trying to observe my children, their interests and developmental stages, and put together a really fun list of things for them this Christmas. 


Just as a reminder these are just their lists; putting it here doesn't mean that ultimately I will buy all of this stuff for them. Actual purchasing decisions depend on what goes on sale, what they express interest in the most over the coming weeks, and what I can find in stock. 

Here's a look at our family's Christmas lists for 2022!

Penelope (Baby)

Penelope will be just about 11-months-old at Christmas this year. It's a really fun age and stage, but as a 5th baby she definitely doesn't need much. It also doesn't help that her birthday is the following month where she'll get even more gifts. So, I've just been finding some fun things that might be a fun addition to the materials we already have. Here's what I've included on Penelope's Christmas list this year: 


Theodore (Toddler)

Teddy is a little over 3-years-old and is in that space between toddler and preschooler. In some ways he is really a preschool kid ready for more academic challenges and in others he is much more a toddler still exploring. Teddy still loves all things construction, trucks, and vehicles. Here's what I've included on Ted's Christmas list this year: 


Augustus (Kindergarten) 

By Christmas, Gus will be very newly 6-years-old. He is making his transition into the second plane of development and is rapidly one of my "big kids." He loves all things fine motor, is starting to read, and loves to cars and to build. It's always a challenge with him since he needs both birthday and Christmas within a month. Here's what I've included on Gus' Christmas list this year: 


Nora (Lower Elementary) 

Nora is 8-years-old and just my creative and social child. She loves to draw, build, and story tell. She has a wide range of interests and still loves open ended wooden toys which makes her fun to shop for. I've also had some fun thinking of some non-toy items that she just really will enjoy as she gets older. Here's what I've included on Nora's Christmas list this year: 


Henry (Upper Elementary)

Henry is 11-years-old and rapidly approaching adolescence. He is my most vocal gift list maker and always has a long list of things he would like to get for holidays. I'm able to take his list, add a few things of my own, and curate something that fits his special interests while also staying within our budget and values. He loves Lego, Mario video games, and all things Greek Mythology. Here's what I've included on Henry's Christmas list this year: 


We will also do some gift for all of them from "Santa." I'm leaning toward a new type of indoor swing or climber for our basement, but haven't decided on the exact one yet. I hope this provided some inspiration for you as you're shopping for gifts this holiday season! 

Holiday gift list ideas from our Montessori home for babies, toddlers, preschool and elementary aged kids plus family gifts!

What made your kids' lists? 


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Anonymous said…
I thought itvto be so funny that Amazon stuck an add at the bottom of your lists of a wooden activity cube that is soooo opossite of Montessori!