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October 03, 2022

Wobble Toys for Babies

Over the last few weeks Penelope's coordination of movement has continued to explode. She is now able to creep along the ground in forward motion, pivot, roll, and pretty much get where she wants to go. This movement is still in its early stages and takes a lot of effort for her. But, it's a lot of fun and she is very motivated to move. 

With this early forward motion, I want to provide her some toys that support her new movement and provide a nice challenge level for her. Right now, that means some wobble toys. I love wobble toys because they move - but slowly! Unlike rolling toys (like balls) that can sometimes roll straight across a room and out of a new mover's attention range, the wobble toys tend to stay in the same place or scoot slowly forward. 

I find this motion keeps Penelope engaged and interested but also moving. To get the wobble, she has to stretch a hand forward and move the toy, which often means shifting weight to one side of her body and back again. It's actually quite a beautiful challenge. 

Wobble Toys for Montessori Babies 

We personally have two wobble toys for Penelope. One, we have the wobble toy from Lovevery. I bought this used outside of the kit, but I think it was really worth it. I wish it made a noise, but it's a great size and super heavy. It's been a favorite with Penelope for a couple months now. 

Two, we have the Tobble Tones from Fat Brain Toys. I really love the noise this one makes and that you can see it causing the mallet to move. I wish that it rocked forward and backward in addition to front and back. 

But, it turns out that there are a lot of great wobble toys on the market for babies. Prepare yourself for penguins 😆: 

  1. Kid O Wobble - I love that this comes in other animals than penguins (comes in raccoon, owl, and fox) and it looks to be a great size for babies. Plus I just love the quality of Kid-O. I wish these made a sound. 
  2. Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Wobble - These look like both a fun wobble toy and a nice teether - providing some nice motivation for a baby to grab it. Again, wish it had sound. 
  3. Hape Wobble - The first penguin. I don't love the design here, it's a bit too cartoonish for me. But I love the size, that it's not all plastic, and that it makes a noise. 
  4. Mini Bilibo - I love that these are super open-ended, but they can flip over and lose that wobble effect
  5. Plan Toys Penguin - Another penguin! This one is at least more realistic, and all wood. Really wish it made a noise. 
  6.  Plan Toys Sensory Tumbling - Love that these are wood and have a fun texture to them. They also make noise. But they do look to be on the smaller side. 
  7. Shumee Wobble - Another penguin! Love the realistic design and it's larger size. Doesn't appear to make a sound which would have been nice. 
  8. Manhattan Toy Soft Wobble - These come in a few different styles and is the only plush option on the list. Again, no sound. 
  9. Brio Wobble - Love the click-clack sound this makes as it wobbles and the mix of materials. I also love that this is just a wobble not some animal. Downside, it appears hard to find. 
I was surprised by the variety on the market for this type of toy and I think that they are a really great addition for new little mover babies. 

*This is also a really great stage to add a traditional Montessori material called the Interlocking Disks. Ours are completely MIA right now but I think this is also a really great more traditionally Montessori option! 

Wobble toys are a perfect option for babies that are learning to creep and army crawl. Here are some Montessori friendly options.

This post is week 34 of my Montessori baby series featuring Penelope.


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