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September 22, 2022

7 Things that Are Normal In Our Montessori Home

We've been a Montessori family for so long now that so many of the Montessori parenting decisions we make on a day-to-day basis feel really normal to us now. That wasn't always the case. When Henry, now 11, was a toddler, a lot of this felt hard, different, or impossible. Looking back it's fun to see how much of our life has changed and how many little things are just regular life for us now. 

Here are seven things that are just really normal in our Montessori home: 

Life in Our Montessori Home

Observing a Sibling

Someone is always watching! Bonus, that little one is learning all those amazing Montessori habits - like restoring your work. Downside, they are learning all the sassy phrases too. Haha! 

Toddlers that choose their own clothing

It's a look sometimes, but it is so darn cute! Learning happens even through making decisions as simple as what to wear. 

Babies in shelves 

There's no cooler place to be apparently!

Toddlers with tools 

There's so much toddlers are capable of! Maybe it's a hammer, a screwdriver, or even a little hand drill, toddlers here use tools! 

Pout face looks of concentration

Concentration happens in different ways throughout the day, but many of my kids just have the same little pout when they are deep into work that they really enjoy. 

Connecting with Nature

Nature is all around us and makes up an important part of our Montessori lives. There is nothing like connection with the natural world to really spark joy in children. 

Kid made meals 

Everyone around here loves to work in the kitchen, and it's not unusual for my big kids to make us whole meals at this point! I love it! 

Share in the comments, what are some things that are just normal in your Montessori home? Did it always feel like they would be that way? 


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Anonymous said…
"You're letting your 18 month old getting a glass of water on his own ?!?" Yes. You bet I am.