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July 19, 2022

Montessori Toddler - Obsessed with Clive and Rosa

At nearly 3-years-old (how!?) reading books is a big part of my day with Theodore. Especially since Penelope was born, reading while I nurse has become a big part of our routine. Teddy is still mostly into cars, trucks, and all things that go and many of the books he chooses are related to that theme. But lately, something new is starting to take over and I just had to share - the Clive and Rosa books. 

When looking for Montessori friendly toddler books, I'm looking for a series that portrays real life, is simple yet interesting, and (if possible) features a diversity of characters, themes and stories. We tend to shy away from most fantasy during the toddler years, so it can be difficult to find books that are actual short stories based on real life. Instead, many realistic books are simply labeling pictures of real life objects. 

A Montessori Toddler's Favorite Board Book Series 

The Clive and Rosa series are two different book series by the same author (Jessica Spanyol) following the same (or similar) format. In the Clive books, the stories follows a small boy named Clive while he does everyday things like plays with baby dolls or pretends with his friends. The Rosa books are similar where you follow Rosa as she plays cars or rides her scooter. The books also include a cast of friends that stays the same from story to story which Teddy really likes. He's become as attached to Moshi Cat, Asif, and Sarah as he is the main characters. 

The books themselves are simple - one or two lines of text per page. They are just long enough to narrate a small story but not so long that they can't keep his attention.  Teddy is a kid on the move and I appreciate anything that can hold his attention for an entire story. 

Finally, these books are wonderfully diverse. There are no "boy" or "girl" toys or types of play here. In this series, toys are for every child and I love that Clive plays pretend and Rosa loves cars. It's a subtle twist on traditional messages about gender roles. I also love that their friends are a variety of races and feature disabilities.

Overall these are simple and sweet books and we can't get enough! Have you read this series?  

(Just a note this was not at all sponsored by this author. This really is a book series that we have fallen in love with and wanted to share.)


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