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June 14, 2022

Montessori Friendly Toys: Fun Frame Puzzles

Recently, I was looking through and organizing my puzzle collection in preparation for a big renovation project that we have going on here this summer. While I was doing that I was reminded of one of my kids' favorite puzzles - a frame puzzle of a garden scene. I was looking at it and realized it's really unique in that it is a frame puzzle with a larger number of pieces and also that the control of error included words to read. Love. 

It is the perfect middle ground between larger jigsaw, frame puzzle, and educational tool. After being reminded of puzzle, I searched the brand - Larsen - and turns out they have a ton of Montessori friendly frame puzzle options that look super cool. I just picked a few that I found, but it seems like Larsen has a large variety that could be available if you find other distributors. 

Out of all the choices, I really like that they have realistic images of both animals and everyday life. These are a variety of sizes depending on the specific puzzle. I also love that they aren't jigsaw. Being a frame puzzle, they can be a little easier to put together for some children who struggle with the fine motor aspect of large jigsaw puzzles. Here you really are building the picture.  

I also love a lot of their more educational puzzles. Particularly the geography and themed puzzles. I think my kids would love the volcanoes one and it would be great to support the first great lesson. Here are some that I thought looked cool: 

Like I said there are tons more options on their actual website, but it doesn't look like they ship directly. These are fun to keep your eye out for as a great option to add to your children's shelves! 

Do your kids like frame puzzles?


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Sandy said…
Great content! We love our puzzles❤️