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April 27, 2022

Scavenger and Find It Games

My children could play board games all day, every day. There are very few days that go by where we aren't playing something. But lately, Gus has been getting into another type of game - I Spy. He's very family with the format of looking games after his experience with sound games at home and at school. But lately, he's really upped his game. "Mom, I spy something that is large, and blueish-grey." After naming every car on the block, he looks at me annoyed and says, "that was supposed to be an easy one, it was the sky." HA! Some of his other choices have been things like buttons, or tiny slivers of a car that he can see a block away from our house.

Anyway all this extreme I spy has made me realize that we have no board games focused on looking, hunting, or scavenging. While he and I can totally continue to play without buying anything, I do think it might be nice to sometimes have an end time and goal for the game. So, I've been looking around at I spy type games and thought I would share some choices I'm considering with you. 

Looking and Finding Games for Preschool

I didn't realize there were so many fun choices on the market for this type of game. I haven't made my final decision yet on what I'm going to add to our game shelves yet, but here are some of the options I'm considering: 

  • Found It! Card Game - I like how simple this looks to play, but might get boring after awhile if you're always playing in the same place
  • GoFindIt Cards - I really like that this is not just objects but textures/colors and other smaller interesting things, again potential to get boring if not taking to new places {These are similar but with real pictures}
  • Treasure Hunt - I love how this gets kid's up and moving, but it seems like a little more work to set up than I would choose on a random afternoon
  • Nature Find and Seek - These sheets would be so easy to grab for a nature walk, but kind of a lot of the same sheet
  • Seek and Find Scavenger Cards - I love that these are real pictures of items, but that could be a little confusing if those exact items aren't in your environment (especially with a non-reader)
  • Search and Find Activity Mats - I really like that this is self contained but doesn't seem to have the competitive portion, but that could be alright. 
  • I Saw It First! - I really think Gus would love this and I like that it is all self contained, but pricey. 
  • Spot It - This looks fun and easy and I love that there are different themes. But might be a little too easy for Gus. 
I'm sure there are other fun choices out there. But this seems like a good variety to check out if you have a child with a similar interest. 

For Toddlers

Apparently there's also some good choices for toddlers too! If you have a younger child that might enjoy looking games check out - Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cards: At Home | At the Park

Do you have any scavenger or I spy games? Which are your favorite?


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Anonymous said…
For our 5 year old, we have (and love) Go Find It. It's nice because you can use it inside and outside, and you can always apply a rule of "nothing you used last time" to ensure variety. We also have essentially a knock-off version of the Dobble Spot It game which is very popular, and challenging enough that it's entertaining even for adults (you know that thing where you're looking for your keys and can't find them even though they're obviously sat out on the counter? It's like that!). I love your other suggestions here and we'll be looking at getting some of them :-)
Tine said…
Spot It! isn't easy even for adults, it'll be fun :)
Tine said…
Oh, and how about the Each Peach Pear Plum book? Good luck, I hope Gus and the family enjoys whatever you end up getting <3
Anonymous said…
My 3 yo loves spot it! And even adults enjoy it, it’s actually not that easy haha! Also, you can come up with lots of different modes of play
Anonymous said…
I’ve only ever played Spot it with adult friends, and it was super fun. It looks simple, but it’s not 😆