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April 12, 2022

Montessori Kids: One Favorite at 5 Stages

With five kids, I think we are finally in the category of "big family." With so many kids, it's really cool to experience all these different stages of a Montessori childhood all at once. It's challenging and beautiful all at the same time. They all have different interests, different needs, and different abilities. And, they all have different favorite Montessori friendly toys and materials. These change all the time, especially with our younger kids, but I wanted to share a little snapshot of some favorites right now in the Kavanaugh family household! 

Montessori Friendly Favorites at 5 Stages

Remember that everything I share here is based on the interests and observations of my own children. None of these are required in a Montessori home or otherwise necessary. These are just one thing that is bringing my children joy right now, among all their other chosen activities. We'll go oldest to youngest today!

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

Upper Elementary 

Henry is 11-years-old right now and in upper elementary. I can't believe we are seriously so close to adolescence and another whole different stage of parenting. 

Super Mario Lego: I love these so much, Henry gets some limited screen time so he is familiar with Super Mario Bros. but these allow him to build and play with the game in an interactive way. It's really fun technology and just different enough from regular lego sets to make it a great addition to his play. 

Bonus: Henry's currently reading the Percy Jackson Series 

Lower Elementary 

Nora is 7-years-old and in lower elementary. It's fun watching her unfold in these years of stable growth during the second plane of development. 

Caboodle On-The-Go Case: Anyone else reliving their childhood dreams with this one?! These are so great for organizing all the little things that Nora treasures. From rocks to jewelry to tiny notes from friends and her birthday money, this little case holds it all. She can spend long hours organizing and going through it! 

Bonus: Nora's currently reading Tales of Limindoor Woods (book 2 of Way of the Gnomes Series)


Gus is 5-years-old and in Primary/Children's House. Gus is in this interesting world at the end of the first plane and the beginning of the second. Somedays he seems so big and others, he firmly reminds us that he is still so small. 

Pony Bead Set: If you know Gus then you know his jam is hand-crafts and small work. He loves working his hands and making things from beads is no exception! I can't wait to show him how to use these to make small animals - another 90's throwback! 

Bonus: Gus could spend hours looking at these Where's Waldo books


Ted is 2-years-old and bursting with all the energy and creativity that comes with this age! 

Small Wagon: Teddy loves this little wagon! I intended this to be an outside toy, but he loves it so much that he pretty much drags it everywhere. Loading all his things into it, the wagon is good maximum effort work for him! 

Bonus: We are reading Busy Bunnies non-stop right now.


Penelope is 2-months-old and is just waking up to the world. She isn't using many materials yet, but it will be fun to see what she prefers in the coming months.

Nose Frida: Ok, so I might love this more than Nells, but she loves the results. Poor little stuffy nose baby that gets all her siblings' germs. 

Bonus: Penelope loves looking at Look, Look!

A favorite for each of our Montessori kids at a different stage of childhood.

Do you have kids at any of these stages? What are their favorites right now?

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