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March 25, 2022

Four Reasons we Love Our Bassinet Stroller

I'm going to be the first one to stand up and admit that I was really skeptical about this. Was a bassinet stroller really that much better than just using the car seat attachment? Would we really get use out of it? Would it even seem different? Was it worth it for our fifth (and likely last) baby? 

But, one day I found a used bassinet and after talking to a friend who loves hers, I decided to jump and get one. And, I am so glad that I did. A bassinet stroller has quickly become one of the things that I would most liked to have had with all of my other babies. Here's a little look at the benefits I've noticed using a bassinet stroller with Penelope: 

Benefits of Using a Bassinet Stroller

Freedom of Movement: In the bassinet, Penelope has complete freedom of movement. She isn't strapped down, or in an unnatural position. She can stretch out, she can wiggle, lift her legs, move her head freely. It's really been amazing to see the difference. I can feel comfortable with her in the stroller for long periods of time. It really has allowed the outdoors to become an extension of her environment. 

Connection to Environment: Similar to freedom of movement, because Penelope can easily look around she can be more connected to the environment we are using the stroller in. In the car seat stroller, babies are just sort of stuck looking forward. The high sides of a lot of car seats mean that even turning their heads, babies are just looking at the seat and not the whole of the environment. The bassinet allows for looking all over. It also more easily allows other people (especially their siblings) to look in and see the baby. They aren't all crunched or covered up in the car seat. 

Perfect for Sleeping: I'm completely here for the outdoor baby naps! The bassinet stroller has been perfect for sleep. Penelope is able to get comfy and just drift off to sleep. Unlike in the car seat stroller, I can feel comfortable with her napping in the bassinet for long periods of time. I can even bring the bassinet inside without disrupting her at all. Since it's flat, I don't have the airway concerns that sleeping in a car seat can cause. 

More stability: Maybe this is just my stroller, but the bassinet just feels more secure. It's not quite so high, and just overall feels more stable. This is super important for me with other kids running around trying to peak into the stroller, or older kids who are using the stroller. Or even when we have multiple kids riding in the stroller at once. It just has overall lowered my anxiety about using a stroller with a newborn. 

Downsides to the Bassinet Stroller 

Now, I also want to admit that I see some downsides to using this kind of stroller. One, they are expensive new. Knowing this is likely our last baby, there is no way I would have paid full price for a bassinet stroller even with the benefits. If this was our first baby, I definitely would have. Good news is that the used baby market does have bassinets fairly regularly. 

Two, I can see this having a shorter life span than some baby products, especially if you have a baby that is advanced in gross motor skills. Once Penelope is getting up on her hands/knees or getting close to sitting, the bassinet will no longer be safe. I will have to hope that she is ready for the regular seats in our stroller. For some children that could be only a few months after birth. For others you might get many more months out of it. 

Four reasons we love using a bassinet stroller with our Montessori baby. This is the perfect way to get your baby outside

Overall I'm really glad I purchased this for my Montessori baby. It's been a great addition and I would completely recommend it. 

Have you used a bassinet stroller? Did you love it?

This post is week 7 of my weekly Montessori baby series focusing on Penelope.

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We love our bassinet stroller! Here is VERY common to use one. For the price… ours wasn’t expensive at all. And it was also 2 in 1. The bassinet becomes a toddler seat. So we have been using it for over 2.5 years already.
Eliska Ohler
Eliska Ohler said…
I honestly cringe when I see babies stuffed in car seats in strollers here in the US and I am surprised when people talk about them as something special. Where i come from - Czech Republic - everyone uses these. It's not just a fancy Montessori thing, it is the norm. Moms even use them at home or outside for naps. My mom used the bassinet stroller to have me at hand while cooking in the kitchen when I was a tiny baby. I am really sorry for all the children who had to be in a car seat during walks outside. Those are not meant for walks and there are risks of suffocating when babies are in there for longer periods of time or for naps.
honigdesign said…

I always feel sad for babies in car seat strollers. So often the baby’s comfort and engagement with primary caregiver are the last thing considered in stroller design, see link above…
Dd said…
Yes, we love ours! We would go for a walk till baby feel asleep and then play in the backyard while he slept. We used ours till he was 8 months old! It was nice to put a snow suit on him and know he was warm and not worry about blankets falling off and getting caught in the wheels.