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March 09, 2022

Favorite Truck Toys and Books for Toddlers

If anyone knows anything about Teddy, you should know that he LOVES trucks. Garbage trucks, construction trucks, commercial trucks - he's not picky. Nothing in the world beats seeing a real truck, watching construction work or talking about trucks. This love of all things trucks spills over into his play and work as well. So many of the books he chooses or the things he plays with regularly are truck related as well. 

As I've shared Teddy's days on Instagram, so many other people have also said that their toddlers love trucks. So, I thought I would share some of his favorite truck related materials, games, books and art supplies. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.


Books are a huge part of Teddy's day and he will always choose a truck book over something else. Here are some of our favorites:

Sally Sutton Books: Roadwork | Demolition | Dig Dump Roll - Teddy's absolute favorites.


Again, much of what Teddy is using each day is playing with trucks. These are his go-to toy every single day for a year.

Playmobil 123: Dump Truck | Excavator | Recycling Truck - Ted's total go-to truck toys, perfect for little hands. 

Puzzles and Games

At 2.5-years-old, Teddy is just starting to get really interested in puzzles. It's been fun being able to incorporate his love of trucks into this new interest. 

* we don't own these but they look really nice

Art Supplies

Here are some of our favorite truck toys for toddlers that we use in our Montessori home. Our Montessori toddler uses these toys and books daily.

I hope that this provides some inspiration for those of you that have kids that love trucks. Are there any other amazing truck books or toys for toddlers that I should know about? 


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