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February 17, 2022

New Board Games for Older Kids We're Loving

We are a huge game family. We love them and not often does a day go by where we aren’t playing a board game of some sort with at least one of the kids.

Even Morgan and I love games and honestly playing a game is our go-to date night activity. While many games are just for fun, they also can help reinforce many of the concepts that the kids learn at school.

Therefore, I really see them as a perfect compliment to a Montessori home. 

I’ve shared about our favorite games before, but wanted to share some the new favorites that we’ve been enjoying, especially with our older children (Gus through Henry)

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This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

Montessori Friendly Games for Older Kids

Push: This is a very fun card and dice game involving both strategy and luck (with needing math skills.) The game is marketed for slightly older kids but even Gus (at 5) has figured it out. But typically I would say ages 7/8 to adult!

Sum Swamp: This cute and colorful game has been super popular with Nora (7) and Gus. It’s been a fun way to practice some math facts and basic mathematical concepts (like even/odd and building equations.) At this point, Gus uses Montessori math beads to support him through the game, but Nora uses just her mental math skills. Great game for 5 to 9/10 (or whenever math facts are mastered.)

Magic Labyrinth: This is my favorite on the list! It’s a memory, spatial awareness, and strategy game where pieces are moved around the board but hindered by an invisible maze that’s created just below the board. Henry (10) through Gus have all been obsessed with it. Even I enjoy this challenge as well. Ages 4/5 to adult.

I Sea Ten: This ocean themed card game helps kids memorize number families that make 10. It combines elements of speed, and risk (with shark cards that “eat” some of your matches.) Gus enjoys this game but it’s a good challenge for him with the math beads for support. Game for ages 5 to 9/10 (or whenever math facts are mastered.)

Little Red Riding Hood: I love the game because it’s for 1 player. Perfect for quiet time, or when I’m busy with the baby, it’s easy to set up strategy and spatial awareness name. I love at it comes with progressively more difficult puzzles to complete and has an answer key. It truly allows for independent play. I would say perfect for 3 to 8.

Incredible Math Games Book: This book of math games is one we’ve had awhile but it’s really popular right now. It’s got a variety of games from learning shapes and basic math facts to games focusing on fractions. It’s a little something for everyone of my big kids. I would say ages 4/5 to ages 11/12 (depending on their mental math skills.)

All of these games have really been fun additions to our Montessori home and great ways to connect with the kids while sneaking in some skills practice. But mostly, they are just fun!

Have your older children been enjoying any board games recently!? I’m always on the hunt for new games and would love to hear your recommendations.

Montessori friendly board games for children ages 5 to 10-years-old. Many of these support academic learning in fun and interesting ways.


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