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January 21, 2022

Montessori Play Shelves at 5-Years-Old

I was looking back on some of my other posts when my older children were around 5-years-old and realized that I didn't do a great job sharing what they were interested in or playing with around that time. I would like to make an effort to change that as my little guys continue to get older. I think it can sometimes be helpful to see some of the things that older kids enjoy in Montessori homes. But, I think I have shied away from sharing because as children get to be 5+ years old, the materials they have are so highly individualized. 

So, bottom line, while I'm sharing these, just know that they may or may not work for your specific child. These have been chosen based on Gus's interests, skills and my observations of him. Always use these types of lists as inspiration but not as a prescribed need for a Montessori home. Also note that Gus goes to a Montessori school so his shelves at home do not often include traditional Montessori materials. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Here's a look at the toys Gus has available right now at 5-years-old:

Botley 2.0 Coding: This has been one of the most used toys Gus got for Christmas. It has so many cool features and has been the perfect introduction to coding and electronic controls. 

Hape Junior Inventor Builders: a nice mix of creative and practical building

Small Lap Loom: Another really popular work for him; Gus loves all handiwork and this is just another great way for him to continue working on these skills. It's the perfect size for taking work to a comfy spot too! 

Lego (Garbage Truck): We have a lot of Lego here but he has started to get some sets of his own. He really likes the City sets and can do them mostly independently. He's not super into playing with sets, but loves to put them together. 

Jigsaw Puzzles (Bustletown Puzzle | Large Floor Puzzle): Gus loves a good puzzle and can do about 100-200 pieces by himself 

Bustletown Pop Up Paper Dolls: This is just the perfect toy extension from his favorite book series (which he still can be found looking at! He knows and loves these characters deeply and this has been a huge hit. 

Wooden Pixel Puzzles: Great fine motor work, and a nice mix of creativity and puzzles 

Grimm's Extra Large Blocks: So much block building again lately! 

Rainbow Scratch Paper: A fun and creative way to draw, practice writing letters and numbers

Gus also has access to a variety of games and art supplies that he also loves to use. Games, in particular, are very popular with him. I will share some favorites soon! 

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