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December 16, 2021

The Kavanaugh Report in Review 2021

What a year it's been! I can't believe we are already here at the end of December 2021. If you had asked me what 2021 was going to look like a year ago, I'm not sure I could have come up with this answer! We spent the whole first half of the year Montessori homeschooling, then a new baby, new schools, and all the adjustments that pandemic life has required. 

It certainly was a year of keeping-all-the-things together and not so much a year of creating new things in this space or any other! But, there was definitely a lot of growth, a lot of learning, and a lot of Montessori joy. Here's a little review of The Kavanaugh Report in 2021: 
  • I wrote 104 new posts this year! 
  • We celebrated more than a year and a second season of Shelf Help Podcast
  • I published my second children's book - Shapes
  • We had visitors from 225 individual countries/territories/locations 

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Posts to Revisit

Here are some of the posts that you may have missed this year, in no particular order:
Thanks for being here! Thanks for coming back. Thanks for all your support. And thanks for sharing in this Montessori joy. I look forward to all the things 2022 holds in store and sharing them here with you! 

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