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December 01, 2021

Christmas Themed Art Trays

It's the Christmas season for us! For us that means that we engage in a lot of special traditions that help us celebrate and feel the warmth and love of this time of year. Typically, I don't do a lot of themed trays for my children but, on occasion, I do make some exceptions for holidays. It honestly depends on how much energy and creativity I feel like I have! It is in no way required and is honestly just a fun extra. 

I thought I would share our Christmas themed art trays this year. They are mostly simple, easy ideas to bring just a little holiday cheer into our day-to-day work options. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

From top to bottom, left to right: 
  1. Pom-pom Tree: (sorry no source for this actual work) Here the kids can decorate the little tree over and over again with the pom-poms. Its a great little creative work while still providing some excellent fine motor work. It's been particularly popular with Teddy. 
  2. Pin-Punched Trees: This is a simple pin punching DIY. I used our pin-punching supplies and added some trees on kite paper. I simply traced a cookie-cutter to make the tree shape. I liked using the kite paper so that they little trees could be placed on our windows as sun catchers. This is an older child option.
  3. Paint By Sticker: This simple book has been a HUGE hit with my older kids. It's creative and fun, but also just a nice fine motor challenge. Again, this is definitely meant for 4-5 years old and older. 
  4. Holiday Play Dough: This is really simple but perfect for all the kids. It's just little jars of play dough and wooden holiday stampers. All my kids really like this kind of work! 
  5. Paper Ripping: Here I used some scraps of Christmas paper for a ripping work. It is meant for Teddy but I've definitely had some older kids using too. I wanted something to help him learn to rip the paper in anticipation of opening gifts. The little pieces go into the bucket which the older kids can glue to make collage work. 
  6. Holiday Washi Tape Pull: Another toddler option! Simple Washi tape pull with holiday themed tape. This tape was from IKEA but there are lots of options out there. 
Hopefully these provide a little holiday inspiration for you. They are pretty low effort, fun ways to bring a little holiday fun into your work area!

Montessori friendly art tray ideas for toddlers for Christmas. Easy and fun ways to incorporate the holidays into your art options.

Do you have any Christmas themed work your kids love? 

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