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November 10, 2021

Books for Potty Learning

Potty learning can be such a fun (and sometimes frustrating) process for your child and for you. We are asking our child, although slowly, to change their routine around elimination. This can be a change that many welcome as they move to a new phase of craving independence. For some, it can be a little scary, frustrating, or maybe they don't even care. 

At just over 2-years-old, Teddy is pretty much finished with his potty learning journey. We are still working a bit on some areas but he is in undies full-time while awake and is very successful at this point. One thing that Teddy has really enjoyed during this process is reading about poop and using the toilet. Actually, I found this helpful with all of my children. So I thought I would share some good options for books about learning to use the potty. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

Montessori friendly books for toddlers about potty training and learning to use the toilet.

* Those marked with a star are Kavanaugh Family favorites. 

I try to look for books that take a neutral approach to potty learning, sharing the basics without a lot of extra emphasis on rewards or shaming. Not every book is perfect here but we try to avoid as much fantasy as possible, and language like "you're a big girl." We want to keep it neutral and positive. 

Have you used potty learning books with your toddler? 


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