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November 02, 2021

Our Family's Montessori Christmas Gift Lists 2021

It's hard to believe another holiday season is upon us again. Every year I enjoy putting together my kids' Christmas gift lists. It's really a good time to observe them, see what they are interested in and what they might be ready for during this coming year. It's one of the few times a year that I purchase new materials for our home so it's always really exciting.


When considering these lists, please remember that these were curated based on my own children. Use them for inspiration but they are heavily influenced by what my children are into and interested in. And for my older second plane children, what they have asked for! 

Here's a look at our family's Montessori Christmas lists for 2021! 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Theodore (Toddler)

Teddy is just over 2-years-old. Being our fourth baby, he is really hard for me to think of unique things that he really needs or would like. Right now, he is strongly interested in trucks and construction but doesn't use a lot of toys or materials. Here is a look at what I've included on Teddy's Christmas list this year:


Augustus (Preschool)

Gus is almost 5-years-old. In fact, he will turn 5 just before Christmas. He is always my difficult child to shop for because he needs birthday and Christmas so close together and really they need to last him for the whole year. Right now, Gus is very into logic games, puzzles, and building. He loves fine motor work and crafting. Here is a look at what I've included on Gus' Christmas list this year: 

Hotwheels Track (Birthday gift)


Nora (Lower Elementary)

Nora is 7-years-old. At this age, her individual interests strongly influence the decisions that I make when it comes to gifts. She is also at an age where she is starting to become more vocal in her desires. Nora loves all things open-ended play and small world play. She loves creating, pretending, and being active. She always seems like one of my easiest to shop for! Here's a look at Nora's Christmas list this year: 

Bauspiel Fairy Windows (bought small set used)


Henry (Upper Elementary)

Henry is 10-years-old. Henry is very vocal about his desires and very focused in his interests. At this point, he thinks long and hard about all the specific items he would like to add to his list every year. It makes shopping for him a bit easier, but we always make sure these things fit with the values of our Montessori home. At this point, Lego, Star Wars, and knights dominate his interests. Henry's Christmas list this year includes: 

*Those items marked with a star are harder to find, I've been planning, searching, and buying over the last several months (sometimes used) as I find things. Some I'm still on the hunt for. I've linked some favorite shops but there are lots of small shop options for buying them. 

And, just a reminder, these are just their gift lists. I certainly wont be buying all of this and I have no idea that they would get it all. These ideas have been given to family as well. Each family will decide on their own what is the appropriate amount of gifts to give for them.

Montessori friendly gift ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, and for elementary aged kids. Perfect for Christmas lists.

Did any of these choices make your children's lists? 


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