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October 01, 2021

Kavanaugh Baby Number 5!

I don't think it's a massive secret that I love babies. I mean, I really love them. I love toddlers too, but babies. Oh, babies. So, it probably comes as no big surprise to announce that I am once again pregnant. Baby Kavanaugh number 5 is solidly on the way. 

The bummer about me really loving babies and continuing to have a bunch of them is that my body doesn't love pregnancy as much as my brain loves babies. So, it's been a rough few months as I ease into bringing another life to this earth. You may have noticed that meant I took a break from posting this past summer and things will likely be a bit slower around here for awhile. I'm definitely feeling better now, and probably as normal as I'm going to feel, but the first 17-18 weeks of this pregnancy were really tough. The first 15 weeks, I struggled with extreme morning sickness. Then, it took a couple more weeks for me to see any energy return. 

Now, I'm almost 21 weeks and feeling pretty good, probably as good as I'm going to feel this pregnancy. I'm just enjoying the sweet rolls and wiggles of a baby that isn't going to break my ribs or bladder with a kick! 

And, speaking of baby, SHE, is doing great! We were thrilled to learn that this baby is a girl - Penelope Ruth! The kids were all thrilled to be getting a new sister to join their little group. I'm just happy she is healthy and growing as expected. 

So, that's where we are! Expect some more baby and pregnancy content coming your way here on The Kavanaugh Report over the next few months! 


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AM said…
Congratulations!!! Glad to hear that you are feeling better.
AggressiveLemon said…
Congratulations!! I am so excited for your beautiful family. I am just 10 weeks along in my first pregnancy journey and your blog has been such a delight and resourceful place for me in family planning and preparing for baby. I'm so excited to follow your journey with Miss Penelope and the other Littles as they continue to grow!!
Heather Quinn @QuinnEng8
Congratulations! So happy for you!