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April 20, 2021

Montessori Activity Sewing Box for Kids

I can't pretend to be some amazing seamstress or something like that, but my kids are learning to sew. Sewing is such an amazing activity for a Montessori home. It is the perfect combination between art and practical life work. Plus it is really great for fine motor control. Depending on your child's age, there are so many awesome sewing activities for kids to undertake. 

In our home, Nora and Gus are at the point where they hand sew fairly independently, creating projects from their minds or from some simple examples. This is made possible by our sewing box. Today, I thought I would share what's inside our sewing box to make that possible. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Our Sewing Box

Our box is from a brand called Goki. I can't find a source for it in the U.S. anymore but I do see that it's available in Europe. But, honestly, the exact box isn't super important. Any organized box or container is completely fine. Make sure the box isn't too large so that it gets cluttered and unusable. I also love the handle on ours so that it is easily moved from room to room. 

This sewing box looks like it would be a great alternative. 

Kids Sewing Tools

The box can be filled with whatever tools your child is ready for right now. The goal is to create a kit that they can use independently. The box is not where I introduce new skills or tools - those would get their own tray which isolated the skill until mastered. The contents of our box varies based on what the kids have been working on, what materials they have used up, and if I find anything interesting at the craft store. 

Right now our box contains:

I've linked similar alternatives but mostly ours have been purchased at our local craft store. 

A look inside our Montessori kids sewing box. These are the toys and activities preschool and elementary kids can enjoy when sewing.
What kinds of sewing materials are your kids interested in?

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