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February 22, 2021

Shelf Help Ep. 43 - A Little Shelf (Rotation) Help!

Themed shelves for every holiday? Weekly shelf rotations? Open ended toys? In this week's episode Nicole and Amy discuss toy rotations in their Montessori homes. We talk about how we approach toy rotations, themed work, and our rotation rhythms. From our own observations, to actually choosing toys, we talk about everything toy rotations. 

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Show Notes...

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In this Montessori parenting podcast we address toy rotations and how we approach them in our Montessori homes including themed shelves and holidays.

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Cristiana said…
This was one podcast that I have given a lot of thought.
I do tend to switch up some of my daughter's activities about once per month. I feel that this gives some activities a "fresh look", even though they are essentially the same. So I would have for example snowflake beading in January, and bracelet making in February, which allows her to practice the same skills, just switch out the beads. I feel that this actually helps me to keep the activity out for longer, without my daughter losing interest.
Also, having a "theme" on our shelf (a color, an animal, a season, or whatever I notice my daughter is interested in) helps me focus on what to put out on our shelf, makes choice easier, and actually makes shelf rotations quicker, if that makes sense.
Third, it's a way for me to introduce new vocabulary and interests. For example, I switch out our plastic animals seasonally (although my daughter has access to all of them), because otherwise my daughter would just play and know the farm ones. :)
I thought maybe you would be interested in a different perspective :)