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February 03, 2021

On Our Montessori Bookshelves for Winter

I know some of you are probably questioning why I'm writing about winter in February! For some of you in more mild climates, spring is probably starting to creep into your minds. Here in Minnesota, we dare not think about spring for another month or even two more months. Ha! We have a lot of winter ahead and so the winter books remain popular choices among my children. 

So, here are the Montessori books we've been enjoying this winter. I've broken these down a little bit by age, but it's pretty fluid around here. One of the benefits I've found of remaining screen free into the second plane of development is that even my older children still cuddle up for picture books much more frequently than you would expect. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Teddy (12-months +)

Teddy sometimes will pick some of the books in Gus' category, but he doesn't usually have the patience yet to sit for a full picture book. Except for The Book of Winter, these books are also loved by my older kids. 

Gus (2-years +)

These books make up the bulk of what we have on our shelves. These have been loved for a couple of years by Gus and most would be appropriate for 2-years and up. 

*Gus' current favorites at 4-years-old 

Nora (6-years +)

Like I said Nora still enjoys most of the picture books we read and would happily read those in the Gus category. But we do have some longer books and books with fantasy that are more appropriate for her age group. 

*Nora's current favorites. 

I'll be ready to move on from winter sooner rather than later, but in the meantime these books are helping to pass the time nicely! 

What books are on your shelves this winter? 

Here's a look at the Montessori friendly books on our shelves this winter from babies through elementary school.

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Aparna said…
Love this post and the collection! Would you have a link to share for the bookshelf?