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October 06, 2020

Free Virtual Montessori Material Resources

I've been reading over one of my favorite Montessori books, Maria Montessori Speaks to Parents, in preparation for my upcoming book club. In the book, time and time again Maria Montessori stresses the importance of movement and learning. As Montessori parents, we understand this. We know that children need to move, manipulate, explore, and (eventually) collaborate within a prepared environment in order to learn. That's why Montessori schools are filled with so many wonderful materials. 

But, enter Covid. Montessori schools across the world have been shut down, changes have had to be made to the freedom of movement. And suddenly, thousands of Montessori students are learning virtually. While this definitely presents a challenge for the Montessori teaching community, I have been utterly amazed at the creativity, ingenuity, and generosity within the Montessori community during this time.    There have been so many free resources and virtual materials created and shared to help get "materials" into the hands of children. 

I wanted to create a list of some of these free resources in case you happen to need something to supplement your learning during this difficult time. 

Virtual Traditional Materials

These are collections of free traditional Montessori materials that have been converted to digital form. These are really helpful if you don't have access to the material, or a printable version. I know my kids have enjoyed using these. If you know of others, share with me and I'll include them on this list! 

Elementary Math Materials {Pocket Montessori} : includes a variety of peg/bead boards, large bead frame, golden bead frame, divided bead frame, checkerboard, and racks and tubes

Primary and Elementary Math Materials {Montessori Tools}: includes Golden Beads, Stamp Game, and Peg Board

Math and Language Materials {Virtual Montessori Materials}: many math options plus a virtual Moveable Alphabet

Other Digital Resources

Here are some other great digital resources that can support virtual Montessori learning. Again, I'm sure there are more available, these are what I have used. Please share if you know of others. 

FlyLeaf Publishing Digital Collection of Books: SOOO many great virtual book options, broken down by level

Video Demonstrations {Absorbent Minds}: lots of videos on how to present certain materials if you needs support 

Printable Materials

There are so many amazing free printable materials that I can't even begin to scratch the surface. These listed here are collections of materials that I have personally found helpful, but know that there are many others. 

Montessori Language Materials {AMI}: classified cards and tons of other language materials, free to download and print

The Helpful Garden: This has such a huge amount of printables from a variety of subjects 

All Day Primary: another amazing resource with so so many materials that can be printed and used to support a 3-6 year old

Maitri Learning: a nice collection of free materials to print

Waseca Biomes: a huge collection of materials to support Montessori learning, we have especially enjoyed the workbooks that accompany their reading program

Montessori Partnership Elementary Document Bank: a nice collection of printable elementary Montessori materials

The Montessori Portal: another huge collection of materials, this one includes ideas, printables, and lessons through middle school

A collection of virtual Montessori materials to support distance learning and homeschooling using Montessori.

Again, if you have other free resources like these that could be helpful for parents or teachers during virtual/distance learning please share! I would be happy to update this list. 

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