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September 23, 2020

Recent Montessori Inspiration from Instagram

It's been awhile since I've shared some of my favorite finds from Instagram! If you know me at all, then you know I love the community of Montessorians on Instagram. It's where you can find me hanging out in my free time during the day, sharing real moments from our Montessori journey. But so many people share so many amazing ideas that it is hard not to be inspired! Here is some inspiration for you.

Montessori spaces, ideas, and activity inspiration from Instagram.

Baby DIYs

Teddy loves this work! This is such a great way to DIY it!


Another great DIY which reminds me to take out my sliding box with Teddy now that he's getting a bit older.


So simple! I think even my older kids would love creating with these!

Art Projects

This is such a fun project for autumn. I think I'll have to create a tray for our house with this work!


This one is also so gorgeous and an excellent way to display some of the nature items that find their way inside this time of year. 

Homeschool Materials

How simple is this punctuation work? This would be a hit in my house.


I love these follow up ideas for the first great lesson, especially building constellations on the light table.

How beautiful are these calendar cards?! I think I need them to build our work plans!

Montessori Spaces

This toilet learning space is so beautiful! I love how its tucked into the shower.


This baby space is so lovely, peaceful, and makes me have some serious baby feels!


This tiny outdoor sink! I LOVE it!


I love this outdoor garden! It is already making me long for spring.

Has anyone on Instagram been inspiring you lately?

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