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June 23, 2020

Montessori Baby Bibs

Teddy is well into the Montessori weaning process - that is starting solid food. He eats meals either at his weaning table or at our family table three times a day. The process has looked really similarly to our other kids. But, one thing that we have done differently this time is that we have been using a Montessori baby bib. 

A look at the difference between Montessori baby bibs and traditional bibs and why Montessori bibs are so much better for babies and parents.

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Yes, Montessori baby bibs are a thing! And, they are awesome. Unlike traditional bibs (which we have used with our older kids) Montessori bibs are larger, designed to be used independently, and actually handle the mess of solids. Unlike traditional bibs that have velcro, snaps or ties in the back, Montessori bibs are designed to be pulled on and off over a baby's head. There are a couple of styles of Montessori bibs, but the most important part is that they are easy to get on and off, large, and very durable.

At this point, Teddy doesn't care too much about helping with the bib, but I know that really soon he will. Instead of fighting the bib, he can help to take it off an on, giving him control in the situation. We store our bib on a small hook on the wall at Teddy's level. He's getting to the point that he can crawl over and remove the bib at meal times or replace it when it's freshly laundered. These tiny tasks are the building blocks for more complicated and involved practical life tasks as he gets older. 

A look at the difference between Montessori baby bibs and traditional bibs and why Montessori bibs are so much better for babies and parents.

I've also been so happy with how protective our Montessori bib is! It's such a great size for a new and messy eater. I don't have to feel like I have to restrict Teddy's movements while he eats, or strip him naked for every meal. I know there are other types of traditional bibs that might keep a baby cleaner, but they tend to be made of thicker plastic or have shelves to catch food. I have found that type to be pretty awkward and heavy for a small baby and prefer not to use them. The Montessori bib really eliminates that issue. So, if your baby is starting solids soon, or eats meals, I highly recommend giving this style of bib a try. 

Have you tried a Montessori baby bib? 

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Unknown said…
I've always used "pop over" bibs, they're not as big, but they're quite large and I like that they cover even shoulders, also, they have a soft, ribbed elastic circle to "pop them over. My baby, who seems to be maybe a week younger than Teddy, is starting to help: I tell him" I'll put your bib on now" and he leans toward the hole.

As a sidennote, he was sick and I had to take his temperature quite a few times, with a forehead thermometer. After a day or two of that, when seeing the thermometer, as I do it slowly, he brings his head towards it. They understand so much more than we give them credit for sometimes!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
That's so true, they really do!!