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April 24, 2020

Some DIYs from Instagram

I find so much Montessori inspiration on Instagram! The community is just so fantastic and filled with people bringing Montessori to children in the most beautiful and creative ways. I thought I would share some of my new favorite Montessori inspired DIY materials! These are so great for children who are longing to work with some of their favorite Montessori materials but happen to be away from their classrooms at the moment.

In this post you'll find inspirational DIY Montessori learning activities.

These 3D printed geometric solids are just beautiful! Plus I love the list of other alternative options for building these great shapes.

These math beads made from pearler beads are genius! What a cost effective way to bring Montessori math beads home!

The phonogram game is just genius! I had to make my own version immediately for Nora.

Another great way to bring the Montessori math beads to life! I love how simple these materials can be, yet so effective at bringing math to life.

I love this idea too! This geometric cabinet DIY is so simple! I think I may have to make a version of this myself!

This nature weaving frame is simply beautiful! I wish we had flowers already that we could try this with, but I'm stocking this idea away for the summer.

This is so genius - a DIY pincer block that doesn't require extensive woodworking knowledge!

I love this texture board for babies! It makes me think this would also be an easy way to DIY the touch boards used in 3-6 year old classrooms!

These little clay houses! I see this as being a beautiful DIY art piece for your space, or maybe even a baby mobile!

I hope these are as inspirational for you as they were for me! What have you been DIYing lately?!

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