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April 29, 2020

Reflective Mirror Balls - a Fun New Toy

Henry's last day of school before the Covid-19 shutdown was March 9, so we are rapidly approaching the 2 month mark at home. With all this time at home, everyone is going a little stir crazy. Teddy included. So, I decided to get a new materials to entertain us all as these long weeks drag on. 

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Reflective Mirror Balls for Montessori Babies

I decided on this set of mirrored reflective balls. I have seen these in some infant and toddler environments and always thought they were pretty cool. Montessori baby environments should include interesting materials that engage a baby's senses in a calm, beautiful, baby led way. We also want things that are safe to explore and lend themselves to movement. 

These reflective balls do all of that so beautifully. They are surprisingly lightweight and a great size for babies. They add a wonderful sensorial experience. Not only the visual aspect, but they are cool to touch, and have a fun clanking sound when they bump together. I think even really little babies would enjoy staring into them as they develop their visual sense

Teddy really enjoys the visual treat and the physical challenge of chasing the balls down. He spends a lot of time staring into them and trying to figure out who that baby is staring back. There's also been some kissing and cuddling on that baby! But, I can't blame him for that. 

I anticipate that these balls will be fun for years to come. Eventually we can use them to explore size. And, even the big kids have used them for all sorts of imaginary play. 

Adding a simple toy like these reflective mirror balls can be a fun activity for babies in your Montessori home. Montessori baby activities should encourage movement and sensory development and these are a perfect way to do that.

Have you added anything new to your environment lately? Have you ever explored reflective materials with your baby? 

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