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January 08, 2020

Top 3 Montessori Baby Grasping Toys at 3 Months

At 3 months old, Theodore is starting to grasp more and more of the items in his environment. With this development, I have begun to offer more opportunities to explore this skill by introducing a few toys. There are lots of options that you could introduce around this age (see some options for 3-6 months here) but here I'm just highlighting the Teddy's favorites. 

3 Favorite Montessori grasping toys at 3 months old

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Top Montessori Grasping Toys at 3 Months

I generally try to make sure that we don't have more toys available than months my baby is old. So at 3 months old, Teddy has about 3 choices available at any given time. While I have been rotating from a few choices, it's clear that there are some favorites for Teddy. 

3 Favorite Montessori grasping toys at 3 months old

1. Mini Play Silk - I love this size of these for babies verses the regular ones! They are a great texture and so easy for Teddy to grab. The size is big enough to be functional but not so big that it is overwhelming for him.

2. Interlocking Metal Rings - I got these when Gus was a baby from a Montessori shop that has since closed. The size and texture is just perfect, and Teddy loves them as much as Gus did. They make a perfect little jingle and are such an easy option for early grasping. (Sorry I don't have a source for this.)

3. Bell Rattle - This is new to us, I had a DIY bell rattle but after 6 years I wasnt feeling safe giving it to Teddy. So, I got this version for Teddy from Christmas and he loves it! The bell rattle is just a great shape and size for early grasping. He's even trying to move it from one hand to another, which is great to see!

As Ted grabs more easily and starts to have more control over his hands, I bet that we will see his favorites change! But for now, these three are all he needs for grasping practice!

3 Favorite Montessori grasping toys at 3 months old

What was/is your baby's favorite grasping toy at 3-months-old? 

This post is week 15 of my Montessori baby series focusing on Theodore. 


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