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January 30, 2020

Baby Mobiles Hits and Misses - Montessori Baby Week 19

This past week I introduced the last mobile that I plan on giving to Theodore to interact with. It's such a big moment and I can't believe that we are already moving past one of my favorite parts of having a Montessori baby. These early months are so quick. One day your helpless little newborn is staring at the Munari mobile is slow and steady wonder and then next your big old baby is grabbing the a tactile mobile with such vigor that you hope he doesn't pull it down! 

I thought that I would just quickly recap the mobiles I used with Teddy. I didn't write about them as much this time but they were every bit as important to Teddy's day-to-day routine as Nora and Gus. These have been so wonderful, and honestly the DIY versions have been used more than any other DIY I have ever made. So, here's a small recap of the order we introduced the mobiles in. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Munari Inspired 

When: Used from birth 
Hit or Miss: Hit, Teddy loved it
Purchased or DIY: DIY

Traditional Munari 

When: Used from birth
Hit or Miss: Hit, he especially loved the clear ball
More Information: This one was from MontiKids, I used because I could not get my DIY to balance correctly, it was a gorgeous option
Purchased or DIY: c/o MontiKids 


When: 5 weeks 
Hit or Miss: HUGE hit
More Information: Teddy spent a very long time with this mobile and it has been a favorite of all my babies 
Purchased or DIY: DIY 

Bell on Ribbon

When: 8 weeks
Hit or Miss: Hit, he used happy for a long time

Gobbi Mobile

When: 11 weeks 
Hit or Miss:  miss; around this time Teddy got influenza so this mobile was introduced a little late and he just wasn't as into it 
Purchased or DIY: DIY

Primary Colors Mobile 

When: 13 weeks
Hit or Miss: HUGE hit
More Information: absolutely the mobile Teddy has engaged the longest and best with, perfect for batting and grabbing at things, he loved it for so, so long. It was used daily until around 18 weeks.
Purchased or DIY: purchased from a shop that has since gone out of business, I will update if I find another shop making one

Dancers Mobile

When: 13 weeks
Hit or Miss: miss - he did not care, he just fussed until we replaced the tactile mobiles. This maybe should have been introduced to him a bit earlier 
Purchased or DIY: DIY

Ring on Ribbon

When: 16 weeks
Hit or Miss: miss - it's not that Teddy didn't like this mobile, it's that it was just too easy. He was so into the primary colors that I didn't introduce as early as I should have and he just mastered it quickly and wanted the other one

Rainbow Ribbon 

When: 17 weeks
Hit or Miss: hit, he loves this and continues to use this one daily for long periods of time
Purchased or DIY: DIY

Bell Chime

When: 19 weeks
Hit or Miss: hit
More Information: this has been an immediate hit and makes the most lovely sound
Purchased or DIY : purchased from Essential Montessori

Now, there are other choices I could have included here - I could have done butterflies and whales as well. But, Teddy just didn't seem that into the visual mobiles toward the end. Where Gus needed more time to develop his visual skills, Teddy is far more interested in moving, touching and exploring. It's a great example that every baby is different and every child should be followed, not some pre-described plan. 

Which is another reminder for me to tell you that you don't need all of these mobiles. I have a lot because it's my passion to share Montessori information with the world. Therefore, I need experience with them. I've also had three children use them, so add a mobile or two each time and you end up with a lot! Follow your child, and choose those you feel best fit your family.

A look at the Montessori baby mobiles and which were hits and misses in our family

Which mobiles have been a hit or miss with your baby? 

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